How Does One Blog Well?


Bob Beaulaurier, Market Decisions Research, posed a great question on the AMA Brand list.  Following is edited from Bob's post.

"It is one thing to Blog and another thing to Blog well. Execution of the idea is difficult.  The concept is powerful.  Often the research techniques used to filter what's displayed can be so obviously censored that it has a measurably negative impact.  Does it build honest and trust to show negative blogging associated with your brand?   How does one blog well?"

What does it mean to "blog well?" Great discussion for over java or as Jeff Perkins, OMD, told me is the trend in NYC - a POM. (Can't wait to try it!) Came across an interesting list about what makes a good blog on A Klog Apart

Phil Wolff's Short List Suggestions
-Persistence and frequency
-Stringing ideas together using words
-Writing in a way that engages
-Context, lots of context
-Authority / Sincerity
-Updated frequently

Which leads to another issue I've been thinking about recently - the ethical side of blogging. The Green Lake Library, posted a link to an article in the Washington Post about a journalist blogger who did not credit his source.  I wonder... what are the obligations of  “regular” bloggers?  Do we need a code of ethics for bloggers? Question: who do you credit? With so many bloggers talking about the same or similar topics, if you play follow-the-link who do you link back to if you want to credit a source? How do you know who got there first?

Getting back to Bob’s question, "How does one blog well?", bottom line...seems to me that a good blog makes you think, provides additional information, is well-written and researched with lots of links, keeps you coming back for more…and if it brings a smile or a chuckle that helps you as go about your day, well .. that's not a bad thing either.



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