Friday Fun


Going to the Dogs!
max_and_doreydoggieDon't where or how he does it, but Michael Tchong's eLetter,, is always an adventure in follow-the-link. This issue led me to Ziff Davis’ digital lifestyle magazine, Sync which in turn led me to ISeePet. Since Max (my Westie pup) has a weekend guest, Dorey-Dog, today's Friday Fun seems most appropriate!

Take a look at ISeePet, an electronic-pet-feeder-slash-webcam. You control it via your computer or moble phone. Positioning: for the "new generation of pet owners." Oh and make sure you view the video! But don't laugh too loud. According to a study from Unity Marketing, Why People Buy Things For Their Pets, in 2002 Americans spent nearly $30 billion on pet related products and services.

Diva's know that a little pampering (for themselves or their furry friend) is sometimes in order. Dahling, if you're looking for something special to make your your pooche's tail wag the Pink Puppy is just a click away.


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