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cannes_lion_logo_2004If you hop on a jet plane you can still attend most of the 51st Cannes Lions Festival. The Festival (20-26 June) is positioned as “the only annual gathering of the world's advertising, creative, direct marketing, interactive, media and marketing communities.”

It’s a Diva’s paradise for networking and partying! This year up to 8,500 industry figures and 600 international press from 80 countries are expected to view 5,081 commercials, 9979 outdoor and print ads, 1,561 websites and online ads, 875 media solutions and 1,209 direct marketing entries. The winning ads are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions. The Grand Prix are awarded to the best of the Gold Lions.

In between viewing, networking and partying participants can attend seminars. P&G is sponsoring a panel discussion with creatives and outside agencies. The topic: What Women Want: Creativity that Connects. Wish that someone was blogging that session. Actually, why isn’t someone blogging the Festival?

Just in case someone from P&G stumbles across Diva Marketing Blog here's my 2 cents...
1. There is no such thing as “the women marketplace.” Drop the stereotype thinking.
2. Investing in segmentation research is critical. Surpise one! Not all women 25-55 come with 2.5 kids, an SUV and a husband. Surpise two! Some women 25-55 do have 2.5 children, an SUV and a husband. However, what is important to understand, is that what matters is not the same.
3. Treat women with respect and dignity. Please remember that thought when creating your next ad or marketing campaign. If you do we'll bake you cookies and brownies...not!

A few resources to help uncover what women want!

-Center for Women’s Business Research

-Lipsticking/Author - Dickless Marketing

-Reach Women/Authors - Don’t Think Pink


-What Do Women Want by Rebecca Lieb

re:inventioninc – Smart divas know not to waste energy recreating. Wonderful comprehensive list of resource links.

One last thought. June 21st, USA Today ,included an article about the bright, accomplished women whose work is included in the Cannes Lions Festival . However, I thought it a bit odd that the article concentrated on how difficult it was for women to understand the male market. I sincerely hope that the quote attributed to the director of marketing for Bayer, was taken out of context. “"We've sat in on hours and hours of research. It's so critical for women marketing to men to listen to them. What we've learned is that it might be the greatest challenge, but it's also the greatest opportunity." Gosh darn and I thought that was the purpose of research…


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You are a delicious diva riot, Toby. I, too, took issue with that USA Today article. The quotes were amusing to me. Most notably the quote from Lee Ann Daly, Marketing SVP at ESPN who said men lead terribly complicated lives, and face unreasonable pressures to "appear sensitive." I'm taking the liberty of paraphrasing her quote here.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder that when it comes right down to it, perhaps men and women want the same things. Recognition, praise, respect, opportunities, love, a good foot massage every now and then. Why then lead a company in the direction of "marketing services for women-led businesses?" Simply put: because we need more women paving the way for one another.

A big fan,

Posted by: kirsten on Jun 22, 2004 8:27:02 PM

Great post, Toby! Nice to meet another diva-in-progress. You're right - generalized demographics just ain't cuttin' it anymore. There's a whole new recipe that calls for a dash of lifestyle, activity, values, etc. It's going to be interesting to see how the "marketing to women" phase pans out, and find out who's left standing among the experts when the fad is over and the core marketing people realize that "women ARE the economy, stupid!" :-) In a word: mainstream. Just like you said.


Posted by: Michele Miller on Jun 25, 2004 5:39:39 PM

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