The Alf Report and JetBlue


The latest issue of the Alf Report, NCG's eNewsletter, has arrived in my in-box. The Alf Report is packed full of marketing stats, trends, resources and the famous Mind Candy! Alf recently added a resume posting page. Well worth a read. This month includes an interview with Gareth Jones, JetBlue’s VP, Corporate Communications. Jones lets us in on the marketing strategies that have sent JetBlue soaring high while other airlines are trying not to crash and burn.

“The airline industry is a customer service business, which a lot of people have forgotten. It's not just about TVs and who's got the newest planes and the biggest engines. It's also about who can look after you better.” Jones

Ultimate Strategy and Guiding Mantra: Bring humanity back in terms of friendliness, flexibility and caring.

Product Differentiating Tactics
-Invested in new planes
-Better seats
-In-flight TV
-In-flight yoga (The exercises are great in between blogging!)
-And the snacks are unlimited!
-Future plans: XM Radio and 100 channels of satellite radio

Brand Differentiation Tactics
"People hate airlines. They're right on the list with lawyers, the post office, telephone companies…it's one of the ten most hated industries. How do we solve that?" Jones.
-Be nice
-Be flexible
-Be on time
-Be comfortable
-Be surprising.
-Try new things

Q: What can a marketer learn from the airline that out of the gate made Vanity Fair's "It List?"


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