Play The Sex Card...With Style!


janice_joplin_vase_200_nameLinda Wolfe, ceo and Cheryl Berman, chairman/chief creative officer at Leo Burnett get it! Reinforced with research results from "girl friend groups" (a way too cute name for, I assume, focus groups. Yuk!) they told a standing room only audience at the International Advertising Festival that women have money...lots of money and want to spend it. However ........

"Women as a group are underserved by our industry, at least in terms of being approached with advertising that motivates and moves them in ways they find relevant and meaningful, Increasingly, they're tuning out ads that don't present women in realistic and believable ways." Berman

Most of the findings reinforce concepts that seemed fairly obvious
-Women don't like to be seen as mere objects
-Women are bothered by expectations to live up to physical standards
-Women want to be communicated in ways that are relevant to them
-Women are becoming increasingly skeptical

Other results revealed a few surprises
-Strong women are not afraid to play the sex card
-"The mentality behind" some blatantly sexist ads "doesn't bother women"
-One in four wives is making more than her husband
-Ad firms and their clients are not using enough sexuality, humour, emotion or honesty when targeting women

Suggestions For Marketers From Leo Burnett
1.Make it funny
2.Make it real
3.Follow the money (acknowledge women's new financial strength)
4.Try a new position: sex sells, but it has to be approached with a distinctly female point of view

Play the sex card, but keep in mind that women who carry "real" Fendis won't show you the money unless you speak their language with humor, style and sophistication.

Any creative directors who still don’t get it, take a cue from Diva Texas artist Janice Joplin’s work. I laughed out loud and showed her my money! Click on the photo to enlarge... ... guaranteed to bring a smile to your day.


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