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Friday Fun


marketing_elementsThis is too good not to post on our Friday Fun page. Do you remember your 9th grade chemistry class with the standard "wall decoration" of a Periodic Table of Elements? The chart showed the name of the element (Iron =fe) along with its atomic weight (26).

The creative folks at Stamats have created a Periodic Chart of Marketing Elements that includes 45 marketing elements. The greater the “weight” of the marketing element the more likely it will have a positive impact on your integrated marketing efforts. The lower the marketing weight, the less valuable this element will be in your marketing equation.

At the high end of the scale:

-Coolium [Co] - Marketing weight of 187.0
-Relevantum [Rl] - Marketing weight of 241.0
-Significance [Si] - Marketing weight of 251.0
-Valued [Va] - Marketing weight of 260.0.

At the low end of the scale:

-(Best kept) Secretum [Bk] - Marketing weight of 0.0
-Turf [Tu] - Marketing weight of 14.1
-Hyperboleum [Hy] - Marketing weight of 43.0
-Blandonium [Bl] - Marketing weight of 51.4
-Inflatum [If] - Marketing weight of 62.1

The lesson is make sure you build your marketing efforts with elements that have a greater weight. If you don’t, your efforts may float away on you.

You can download your copy of the Period Chart of Marketing Elements for your wall! .

Virtual Speaking Opportunity


Chris Davis, President of Mindforge ,is looking for a few good Guest Speaker Proposals for an interactive e-Seminar, Developing Successful Marketing Plans. And their creative team will even help you to put it together in a multimedia format!

How to Submit a Guest Speaker Proposal
In the e-mail Subject area include GUEST SPEAKER PROPOSAL. Send your proposal submissions to [email protected].

Guest Speaker Proposal Format
1. Presentation Title - the title should be no more than 8 words. 2. Presentation Description - describe the issue or topic 3. Target Audience - Product marketing professionals in high-tech - software, computing, wireless products & services, etc.) 3. Presentation Objectives - list 4-6 objectives stating what the attendees will learn from your presentation. 4. Audience Level - Intermediate: should know or understand the basic information - looking for the next level. 5. Speaker Bio/Experience - Write up to 100 words describing your experience relevant to this industry, presentation. This description can include work experience, special projects, degrees, etc. 6. Organization Description - Write up to 100 words about your organization/ company.

Things to keep in mind when selecting your topic.
1. Make it real - Learners are looking for real examples to deal with real problems. A little theory is ok, but learners want something they can take away and apply. 2. Don't just talk about it show it - minimize endless bullet points, show charts, tables, graphic concepts 3. Case studies are great - if you want to present how something was applied at a customer site (with the customer's permission) 4. Don't market or sell - Overt marketing of your product or service is not allowed. Attendees want a balanced and informative presentation.

Criteria for Selection
1. Mindforge is looking for presentations to be unique to this session - you are expected to customize, as appropriate, the topic or content and title of your presentation to the Target audience. Presentations must offer unique value. 2. Presentations should be educational focusing on practical solutions for the issues confronting high-tech marketing professionals (i.e. pricing strategy, measuring communications impact, channel strategy and management, balancing short term objectives with long term initiatives, etc).

Career Corner


Short-term Marketing Opportunities - Immediate 2-week project

Two PR AEs or Account Sups, as well as 2 media director level people needed for 60 to 80 hours of work. Agency is looking for national account experience, consumer or pet (companion animal) category background. They'll make flight and hotel arrangements ... Kansas City is really pretty right now and these assignments could turn into full-time jobs.

Dan Barker
LandaJob Advertising Staffing Specialists
8117 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64114
816-523-1881 1-800-931-8806
fax: 816-523-1876



John Michl, Hunter Business Group, LLC, started an interesting thread on the AMA B2B SIG about CRM/customer relationship marketing. John asked the list for CRM and relationship marketing case studies that were specific to service sector businesses. Once again this smart group of marketers responded with a wealth of resources. The following are complements of: Becky Suzik The Write Company, Lisa Corcoran Pivotal Corporation, Steve Hoffman Hoffman Marketing Communications, Inc, Rob Brodsky Pierpont Communications and Suzanne Porter-Kuchay SPK Communications.

-Peppers and Roger Group
-CRM Magazine.
-CRM Community
-KM World white paper listings
-CRM and Marketing--click on the
Marketing category for white paper listing -
-Pivotal Customer Case Studies

-Uncover the Gold: Best Practices in Lead Management Business Paper
-The Entrepreneurship Institute
Click on READ ABOUT IT and follow to the link for Defining and Serving A Market
-Another BitPipe paper

I urge you not to get caught in the trap of thinking about CRM as simply a technology or software solution. If well designed and put into action it is a powerful marketing tool. If you want to know more about CRM, or trends in the industry, CRM Daily has an excellent three-part series - The State of CRM.

The State of CRM
Part 1 discusses a kind of identity crisis the industry has been grappling with of late. What exactly is the value that CRM delivers? Or to put it more succinctly: Why do so many companies have bad associations with CRM?
Part 2 deals with the new directions vendors are taking after confronting some provocative answers to those fundamental questions.
Part 3 looks at how the hosted or on-demand model is reshaping the CRM landscape.

"Gartner has argued for many years that CRM is not a technology, but a business strategy built around the concept of customer-centricity. Now, fortunately, it seems as though the market is catching on." Research Drector Scott Nelson

Marketing Lessons From The North End


mikes_pastry_boxSpent last week in Massachusetts celebrating my niece Jessica Robyn's HS graduation. Laughed out loud when the valedictorian joked about his Google search to find a speech…at least I think he was joking!

On the way back to Logan, we detoured for a cappuccino and a slice of pizza - thin crust with gooey cheese - that one can only get in the North End (Thank you Auntie Barbara!). For those who haven’t been to Boston, the North End is Boston’s “Little Italy” complete with narrow, winding streets, little parks, beautiful churches and Saint Feast parades. (I wondered if the button I received for pinning a dollar bill to St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Causes, would cause the a security snag at the airport. Nope.)

Wonderful restaurants and cafes are squeezed into every possible nook, cranny and alley way in this tiny neighborhood. At Mike’s Italian pastries are works of very edible art. It’s difficult to go back to Starbucks after Mike’s cappuccino…especially at $2.50 for a huge mug with overflowing steamed milk and cinnamon. Yum!

I was once again charmed by the North End. While there were many new eateries, I was amazed at how many restaurants were still in business from when I was a kid. The marketer in me couldn’t help but ask, “Why?” The restaurant business is a highly competitive industry. In Atlanta, where I now call home, betting on how long a new restaurant will stay in business is a popular game.

How have these restaurants survived for 20-30-40-50 years? What’s the secret of the restaurant’s reputation out lasting a change in chefs? I did some research and discovered common themes from the patrons’ viewpoint.
-Great food
-Great service
-A real neighborhood place that makes you feel cozy and welcome

Came across an interview, on NorthEnd Boston, with owner and chef Frank Gesauldi, of Davide Ristorante, considered one of the best restaurants in the area - over 20 years in business in the North End. Here’s the perspective from management.
-Quality of food is essential
-Presentation of front room service
-Business side – the back room

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that delicious food and excellent service were on both the patrons’ and management’s list. The marketing lesson … customers and management were in agreement about what was important and what constituted quality in food and service.

Diva Marketer Questions
Q: Is your brand aligned with what your customers feel is important?
Q: Has management bought-in?
Q: Does your internal corporate culture reflect those values?

Tougher Diva Marketer Questions
Q: How do you know that your brand is aligned with what your customers consider important?
Q: When was the last time you conducted a market research study on service and product satisfaction? Self-selected surveys do not count!
Q: Have you conducted similar research among staff and then compared results of the customer study? Results are often revealing.
Q: What does your company do to reflect and support culture/values within the firm?

Diva dahling, if your customers want decadent canollis or low-carb cookies roll our the red carpet to create an experience that reflects quality and service elements that both your customers and your company support and you won’t need my St. Anthony button!

IAB - Industry Feedback Wanted For New Ad Guidelines


PopOvers. PopUnders. Rich Media Ads. IAB has issued an open call for industry feedback on the new proposed specifications for interactive rich media advertising and the use of pop-ups and pop-unders. The open call period closes July 2004 and following a review of the feedback, both sets of guidelines will become final.

This is your opportunity to help shape the interactive ad industry. Take a minute from your day and provide feedback for this important project.

Career Corner


Marketing opportunity

Senior Manager, Media Relations

Strategic Communications Group, Inc. (Strategic), a nationally recognized, award winning public relations firm, is looking to hire a Senior Manager, Media Relations. This position involves identifying and/or pitching market-relevant stories, writing, and delivering public relations counsel and results for multiple clients. 7-10 years experience and business to business, business to government, or technology/telecom experience required. Former reporting experience is referred. Strategic offers a competitive salary and benefits package, and is located in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Send resume to [email protected].

Career Corner


The latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, conducted quarterly by Manpower Inc., indicates that the economy may be on an upswing. Of the 16,000 U.S. employers that were surveyed, 30% expect to add to their payrolls in the third quarter.

What do working women want? Boston Works reports that a study commissioned by the AFL-CIO revealed:

-Good paying jobs
-Equal pay
-Healthcare and sick pay benefits

Even in the best economic situations interesting marketing gigs are hard to find. Been there...done that. Leveraging what the Internet does best...provide information...information...information, Diva Marketing Blog will post marketing opportuniites as they come our way. If you have a job lead let us know and we'll pass the word.

1. Director of Internet Marketing and e-Retailing:
We are the Nation's leading consumer mail order and on-line marketer of foot and lower body health care products and comfort footwear. We are looking for a Director, of Internet Marketing and e-Retailing. We seek a veteran online direct marketer to lead and direct staff in the range of acquisition marketing efforts designed to drive site traffic and sales. These include paid and natural search, affiliate programs, partnership marketing/content integration programs,email marketing acquisition programs, product data feed driven programs such as Amazon, BizRate, etc. and other media based business building activities.

We offer a very competitive salary and bonus program as well as a strong benefits package.

Contact:Marie Powell
Managing Director
MJScott Search Partners

2. Online Media/Online Business Development Manager:
We are the Nation's leading consumer mail order and online marketer of foot and lower body health care products and comfort footwear. We are looking for an experienced Online Direct Marketer to (1) develop, negotiate, execute, analyze and optimize online media-based customer acquisition programs, and (2) develop and manage strategic partnership programs with portals (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Amazon); comparison shopping sites; and targeted affinity sites-both directly and indirectly through interactive agency relationships, to drive traffic and customer acquisition, while meeting CPA targets. You must have extensive online media buying/media optimization experience under CPA, CPC and CPM buying structures with significant budgets. You must also have the ability to conceptualize, secure and execute online partnership/ content integration/rev share deals.

We offer a very competitive salary and bonus program as well as a strong benefits package.

Contact:Marie Powell
Managing Director
MJScott Search Partners

From our friend Mitch Arnowitz for AD-MARKETING /Netpreneur.

3. Erickson Barnett, one of the hottest creative agencies in the DC area, needs a Director of Business Development. This newly created position Involves selling our services to new clients, growing existing client sales, expanding our referral network, and diversifying our markets/service offerings. You must have 10+ years successful sales experience in the marketing/creative field and you have to be well-connected in the DC Area technology community. We're located in Reston Town Center and offer a generous salary/commission structure, quality health insurance, 3 weeks vacation, immediate vesting in our retirement plan, and an Exceptionally good work environment.

4. Start-up online communications firm in search of individual or small firm that can help with Search Engine Optimization opportunities. We are looking for someone that has experience with small/regional PPC campaigns, paid inclusion, and search engine registration programs. This same person also has a working knowledge of website optimization and can put the basics in place (title tags, keywords in meta tags & content, internal link analysis, etc).
Please send short note to: [email protected].

A couple of resources that include good links:
-WSJ Career Journal
-Job Seekers Revenge (blog)
-BostonWorks - Job Blog

Planet LuLu


planet_lulu_1Love bringing you out-of-the-box marketing strategies that are slightly off-center but have proven successful!

Elements for a successful eCom business: 24/7/365, content refreshed daily and only in-stock items posted

Question: Can a company that is "open" for business only 2 days a month, offers limited stock and posts items that have sold out have a chance online?

Planet LuLu is proving it can beat the odds when it comes to "traditional" Internet marketing. (Traditional-Internet marketing ... is that an oxymoron?) Plantet Lulu's founder, Noah Soltes, was intent on recreating his successful off-line sample sales within a website environment. Any Diva worth her Gucci, Prada, Chanel or Manola Blahnic and Jimmie Cho knows that sample sales are The places to find bargain top-fashion designer clothes. Typically sample sales are held in funky locations, at sporadic times and with limited stock. Often only those in-the-know have an invitation to attend.

Planet LuLu is a fun space that doesn't take itself seriously and maybe that's part of the reason that it works. To be on the "guest list" shoppers must register online and RSVP with their special password at the site during sale days.

Marketing strategies include eMail invitations to "invited guests," viral marketing by a loyal customer-base and some PR. Noah has done a brilliant job in creating a consistent branded image from the pre sale site, to the eMail invitiatons to the sample sale itself. By the way next sale is June 11 & 12.

Take your cue from Designer Coco Channel, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." How can you create an environment, in a traditional and new media, that supports your brand while setting it apart from your competitors?

Diva Challenge - Experience your brand "as" your customer. Instead of hiring a mystery shopping firm, shop yourself. The reseach may not be statistically valid, however, your first-hand view will be invaluable.

Happy shopping!

Women Are Playing Online Games


Do you know where your female customers are at midnight? According to research sponsored by AOL Games, conducted by Digital Marketing Services, they could be online playing games. And you thought they were dreaming about your brand. Fooled you. Fooled me too.

An article in AdAge reports that between midnight and 5 a.m. 28% of stressed and overworked women can be found playing online games. In fact, the study found that females over age 40 spend the most hours per week playing online games -- 9 hours compared with 6 hours for men. Another study, by the Entertainment Software Association, found that 43% of the average gamers were women.

Seems there's gold in them there games. Chrysler Group presented an advergame geared toward women last year (2003) that pulled a 15% response in Web visitors requesting vehicle brochures.

Women like to play different games then men ... oh really? Men in seems are "happy to go around and around in a circle for hours and just be happy collecting points." I didn't say that it's a quote from a guy - Mike Vann, vice president of sales and business development at YaYa Media.

Here you have it. Games as an innovative way to break through the bore of ad clutter while doing one of the things the Internet does...best creating interactive brand experiences. I admit I spent more than a few minutes checking out the Vanilla Coke game ... but no t-shirt win.

Anyway, here are a few tips on what experts say help engage women in online games.

Games should be:
-Puzzle/mystery formats
-Able to share experiences/viral chats

Games should offer:

eBusiness Forum has more on online gaming as a marketing strategy.