Women Pursuing The Corporate Cracker Jack Prize


elosieMore women are going after the prize in the corporate America Cracker Jack box...the title of CEO...than ever before. Research by Catalyst indicates that 55% of top female executives and 57% of their male counter parts strive for the top spot. Not much of a difference.

However, when it comes to the balancing act of professional and business lives it was a slightly different story. 51% of the study's female respondents want more work-life balance vs. 43% of the men who were interviewed. [Would be interesting to know what percentage of the women and men on the fast-track were concerned about work-life issues.] Management consider more telecommuting, flex hours and job sharing opportunities if you want to attract and retain your women employees.

One more point - Women cited seeking out high-profile assignments and networking as their most successful strategies for advancement, though they did report struggling with gender-based stereotypes, lack of female role models and exclusion from informal networking opportunities. A study by Demos, Girlfriends in High Places, reported similar findings. Boston.com article

Though more and more women are shattering the glass ceiling, it can be a costly undertaking. An inspirational read - Freda Diamond, Estelle Ellis, Dorothy Shaver and Brownie Wise – four women who made it to the top during a time when most women never even thought of attending college.


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