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spaceshiponeThis week privately-funded SpaceShipOne made aviation history when it flew beyond the Earth’s atmosphere into the Final Frontier or what scientists consider to be the boundary of space.

Not only was it an exciting time for the aviation industry, but for marketers as well. Space Tourism. Marketers, we have a new niche to explore. [Well...perhaps not that new. A search on Google for "Space Tourism" produced 6,790,000 pages/] But still ... there will be new opportunies. New ads to develop. New research to conduct. New loyalty programs to create. Who will blog the first commerical suborbital space flight? With a first-class ticket expected to sell for from $20,000 to $100,000 I sure hope there will be more than those teeny tiny pretzels to munch on while watching the earth, moon and stars pass by.

Although the suborbital space flights are not quite ready for customers, a few companies have launched promotional strategies and websites and there's even a Space Tourism Society (gotta love those marketers)! Space Adventures, positioned as the world's premier space experiences company (only a marketers could write that!), has packaged trips including a Suborbital Space Flight scheduled for 2005. And no need to worry about the pretzels, it's a first class production all the way.

Do Quasars and Quicks and make you Quiver? Do Quirks and Quarks and make you Quake? If you're on a Quest with Questions about science you're in the right place! In celebration of SpaceShipOne and Space Tourism, Friday Fun, brings you one of the coolest science sites on the Web....SciQ. SciQ is innovative, interactive and fun...complete with games, videos and articles from space to the deep blue seas.


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