Search Engines Love Blogs


... so I said to one of my SuperHeros of the Blosphere, Dana VanDen Heuvel, that I was really surprised at how quickly Google indexed Diva Marketing Blog, especially since it was several weeks before my website was picked up by the search world. I was also surprised at how many people were/are finding a baby blog via search. Awesome.

Here's Dana's response ...

1. Google_Loves_Blogs. (actually - Google loves content and pure HTML - which blogs are)
2. You're being linked to, and mentioned by other prominent bloggers - Technorati
3. Diva blog is already in blogrolls on prominent sites and being indexed by Google
4. How cool is it to be #1 for "Diva Marketing"!!!

2.5 minutes later Dana forwarded a link to a post on Micro Persuasion : Blogs Influence Google Results. One more reason why Dana is a SuperHero!


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