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max_1203Thanks to everyone for their off-blog comments. Encouraging to know that the blogette baby is considered cute and day one.

Song, Delta’s low-fare carrier, is rewarding customers just for being nice. Help a passenger or a flight attendant and your next flight might be free. Strategy goals are to build customer loyalty, which will of course, (hopefully) result in increased revenues. Interesting promotion concept...if you're nice to me and my friends...I'll be nice to you.

Rather reminds me of a lesson that my friend Jenny teaches at doggy school When your puppy wants to run off to places more interesting, it's the "nice" that will get him back not the mean screaming. Worked for me today when Max, my 3-year old Westie, too quickly scampered out of the fenced-in yard. Perhaps it can work for customers too.

However, want to guess where this innovative strategy is *not* mentioned? Right. As of 5/20/04 the cupboard is bare at both the Delta and Song websites. A little marketing disconnect… By the way, the article is posted on the Wall Street Journal.

Let's take the concept one step further. What something special can you do for your customers to increase loyalty? How can you "play nice" with your customers so when something distracts their attention from your brand they come home...wagging their tails...just like Max? And of course, you'll make certain that all marketing channels are kept informed and updated - no disconnects!


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Hi Toby - Love your new site and idea! We get lots of "thank you" notes from happy customers because I try to remember all of the folks I have talked with. Occasionally I ask after their grandchild and throw in free gifts. Product knowledge and speedy delivery don't hurt either! Lastly, we try to pack everyone's order with love and care by individually wrapping their items. Our customers love the personal attention and usually return the favor by "playing nice" with repeat orders.

Posted by: Bet Law on May 20, 2004 7:54:07 PM

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