Girlfriends in High Places


Our British cousins are one step ahead of us when it comes to better understanding the dynamics of women in the work place. A very interesting and important study was released by Demos, a UK think tank that calls its self a greenhouse for new idea, about women and the benefits of establishing “networks.” Girlfriends in High Places (what a great name!) proposes that professional networking can help women enhance career opportunities and build confidence. Too often women are left out of good ol' boy networks. The study mentions several reasons including:

-Missing out on after-hours pub outings because of childcare commitments
-Sexual politics of the office

“It’s OK to want to get ahead and be successful. But equally, women want to help each other and they want a fairer deal as a group. Networked feminists recognise that ‘having it all’ means acting to advance women collectively as well as realising their own personal goals.” Author Helen McCarthy

Now I appreciate the Marketing GNO women even more!


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