Ad:Tech 2004 Man-on-The Street: Relevancy Reigns


More from Jay Berkowitz, CEO, Ten Golden Rules, who is playing the role of Man-on-The-Street reporter at Ad:Tech 2004 for the American Marketing Association's Internet SIG. By the way, many of the Ad:Tech 2004 presentations are posted and are being blogged. Thanks to MarketingVOX for generously providing much of the conference content online. Now if only they could find a way to create a virtual party!

One of the major buzzwords here at Ad-Tech is relevance.

The search engine marketers are talking about relevance with respect to
search results. If you do a Yahoo! search and get a link to exactly what
you're looking for there is a great chance you'll come back to Yahoo! for
your next search.

Web developers and marketers are talking about relevant content on websites.
If the consumer finds what she is looking for, right away, she will stay on
the site. If she doesn't see it right away she'll be gone.

Lastly, a really hot new category of online marketing is 'Behavioral
Marketing'. This is a marketing and advertising that targets users based on
their actions online. If you are reading a page that includes the term new
cars, one of several behavioral marketing firms (also called contextual or
content marketing) will run a 'relevant' car ad triggered by this keyword.
Google has a new product called AdSense that serves Google ads (and brand
new in the last two weeks banner ads) based on relevant keywords that appear
on sites they have partnered with.


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