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Couldn't make it to Ad-Tech in San Francisco this year? Jay Berkowitz, , CEO of Ten Golden Rules, is Man-On-The-Street reporter for the American Marketing Association's Internet/eCom SIG this week. Although we can't enjoy the fabulous parties, with complements of Jay, here's a look at what's hot in Interactive.

The show is packed! Over 5,000 have registered, way above previous highs. People are sitting and standing in the aisles in all of the sessions and the trade show floor is mobbed.

One trend that was on the lips of a number of presenters today was WOM or Word-of-Mouth Marketing. This is exemplified by Blogging, Social Networking and The Subservient Chicken.

Blogs are web logs, daily entries made by "bloggers" low tech webmasters who post their thoughts, pictures and links to other websites or blogs.

Social Networking is really hot, sites like,, and People are trading leads, chatting, and talking about companies, products and services. Upset a customer and look out - delight someone and he/she will let the world know.

Lastly, everyone is buzzing about The Subservient Chicken. This character does whatever you ask him (well almost everything) on command, ask him to build a fort, he does it, ask him to do the splits and he does his best attempt. Click on the BK link and you find out that Burger King, who have re-launched the "Have it Your Way" campaign created this little web marketing gem. The amazing part, this website has rocketed into the top 20,000 most trafficked sites on the internet through WOM or Word-of-Mouth marketing.


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