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yfs_lisa_bastinaI was invited to hear a new folk singer last night…yes, Virginia, there still are folk singers. Lisa Bastoni. Bastoni is an elegant talent.

As far as I could tell, very little marketing efforts went into promoting her gig at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta's Highland area. A mostly word-of-mouth effort filled the club. Diva and divors in keeping with our friends the Laser Monks and Cirque Du Soleil (see prior posts) the quality of the product drove the buzz.

It was her song, Bird By Bird, that sang to me about what many are trying to accomplish in the blogsphere. Is there a theme song for bloggers? Perhaps this might be it. Anyone up for creating a buzz?

Bird By Bird

Brick by brick
Bird by bird
Tell your story
Word by word
Take it easy
Take it in
If you fall
You can start again

Storm by storm
Drenched in sweat
Don't give up
Don't forget
Silver shines
Gold shines, too
Nothing's brighter
Than what's true

Song by song
Town by town
I know someone
Hears the sound
Of one heart trying
To be heard
Brick by brick
Bird by bird


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