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About Toby Bloomberg aka Marketing Diva

Here's the scoop (coffee with chocolate jimmies please in a sugar cone!)...

The Professional View .. just right for a speaker introduction!

Toby Bloomberg is recognized for her expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values such as strategy, customer insights, segmentation, etc. Toby not only talks about the social web but is actively involved in the conversation.

Her blog Diva Marketing, launched in 2004, was acknowledged by Forbes as one of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs By Women. She has worked with organizations that range from Fortune 500 to startups within the B2B, B2C and nonprofit worlds. Her innovative 12 Chapter ebook, Social Media Marketing GPS, is the first business book based on Twitter interviews. BlogHer called it a “Game Changer”

Media credits include mentions in publications such as Atlanta Business-to-Business, INC magazine, BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution,, MSNBC and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. She is profiled in the books about social media: Naked Conversations, Twitterville, Now Is Gone, The Digital Handshake, and Clear Blogging.

Toby is a Yankee from Boston, living in Hot'lanta with her YouTube rock star Westie pup Max. You continue the conversation with her at and on Twitter @tobydiva.

The More Personal View .. a behind the scenes bio!

A native of Boston (you knew that from the "jimmies") who found her way to the South, well to Atlanta, although some people still consider Atlanta part of the South.

Over 15-years experience in marketing. Grew-up in the marketing research biz, my dad had a data collection company. Hooked on potential of the Internet in '97. My imagination soared with thoughts on how this media could create old-fashioned, "corner-grocer-store relationships" and real-time customer service in a world that had forgotten the importance.

My love and strengths are in building strategic marketing plans that use Interactive/new media as a core tactic and integrate traditional into one master branding plan. Good at seeing the big picture with an eye to detail. Always with the customer at the center. Always research-based.

Building on that experience and skills, these days business is focused on how to help companies leverage social media as a marketing strategy. That includes helping organizations mitigate risks and increase 'return on social media' rewards.

National speaker and facilitator of Social Media Marketing and traditional topics for organizations like the American Marketing Association, the Olympic Organizing Committee and 3M, Purina, University of Arizona Services Symposium and more.

My "other life" includes serving on the board of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, moderator of American Marketing Association Internet/eCom SIG, Advisory Board for DivineCaroline, an online women's community from Real Girls Media, Savvy Aunties.

If you're really interested in details -

Why Diva Marketing Blog?

After talking about the wonders of blogs to clients and in marketing workshops in 2004 it was time to take my own advice.

Wanted a way to share the cool things I stumble across that could make life easier and more fun for marketers in a casual, exciting environment. Enter stage right - (drum roll) the Diva Marketing Blog!

What is Diva Marketing's Focus?

Diva Marketing is a state of mind. It's an approach to marketing, with a strong focus on social media marketing, that’s fun, bold and savvy … but always strategically aligned with your brand’s objective.

We should be willing to take a few risks. If we keep the corner grocer top-of-mind the customer will enjoy the adventure as much as the marketers! That translates to the bottomline...ROI...the name of the game.

Although "Diva" is definitely a woman's thing, "Divo" men are most kindly welcome!

Our approach on social media strategy may be slightly different from other consultants. While we believe that social media is an exciting, powerful marketing tool, we understand that to be effective, it must begin with a strategic focus, integrated into your marketing plan and support your brand promise and values.

Our social media strategy process is strategic and our deliverables are tactically rich - built in four phases:

1. Discovery
2. Planning
3. Training
4. Coaching

A nice comment from one of our favorite clients - Donna Lynes-Miller, Founder & CEO GourmetStation []

“Whether you're a large, medium, or small business you will benefit from the services of Bloomberg Marketing. I know we have. All marketers must bow to the giant goals of developing fresh strategies, converting more prospects to customers, driving sales, and increasing profits.

Toby Bloomberg can help you achieve these goals. She can help you hone in on a crystal vision - then develop strategies & tactics to make your vision come to life.

Toby is passionate about our recent blog project. She has developed a strategy that integrates blogging with brand building plus search engine visibility to drive more traffic to our site - that means more prospects and more sales.” Donna Lynes-Miller, Founder & CEO GourmetStation

Diva Marketing part of Forbes list of 20 Best Marketing & Social Media Blogs By Women

Check out my chapter eBook Social Media Marketing GPS. It's the first business book based on Twitter interviews. BlogHer called it a "Game Changer." 12 Chapters take you from why social media to ethics, strategy, branding and tactics along with a few case studies. Continue the Conversation questions help you work through the process of developing your plan.

Happy to talk social media with you!