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Shhh...want to know a secret of how do you can become indispensable? Know more than anyone else and become the Go To Diva (or Divo).  RSS. Really, Divas it's just simple syndication. Whatcha say girlfriend? Synda what?? RSS who?

Let me put it to you this way ... what if there were a way where you were the first to know about the hot new trends from lots and lots of experts? What if there were a way to get that scoop the second it was written (or at least published to the internet)? What if there were a way to quickly scan for what you wanted to know?

Emerson_process Jim Cahill, Emerson Process Management (yes ma'am, add another F100 to the blogosphere!)post that only 12% of internet uses know about RSS and of those only 4% are using RSS. But RSS may not be our little secret weapon for long. Emerson Process Management has just released a nifty RSS Starter Kit that they have kindly made available for the world to use.

Deb Franke, e-Marketing Manager at Emerson Process Management and a participate in the first AMA workshop on blogs way back in 2004, wanted to bring blogs and RSS to the company's emarketing efforts. Deb faced a couple of challenges: One RSS adoption rates were low  Two how to increase those numbers so customers and prospects could benefit from EPM's knowledge. Instead of waiting around for browers auto-sensing to be supported by all of the popular web browers EPM created the RSS Starter Kit.

"We hope to help the entire process manufacturing community see the value that we see with RSS and be able to immediately work smarter and faster because we believe RSS can short-cut the learning process. We hope one of the ways they use RSS is to more easily fnd the experts around Emerson who can help address some of the challenges they face on a daily basis."

Deb is jazzed that she can make this little tool available to help folks over the learning hump and encourage them to try using RSS. The RSS Starter Kit is complete with the a how-to subscribe to an RSS reader video along with all the who-what-whys.

Now if y'all want to be really cool about RSS readers hop over to my pals at BuzzHop and they'll help you create a branded reader with the elements of your logo included in the look and feel.

More about how companies are using RSS

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Evil WinFixer


Elana Centor, Funny Business, passes on advice on how to protect against a very nasty virus that makes my Google experience and Marianne Richmond's, Resonance Partnership Blog, Technorati tag frustration seem tame. If WinFixer sneaks through do not close the window by clicking on the "x". Hit Ctlr/Alt/Delete.

Sidebar: Resonance Partnership Blog 's T'was the Night for Technorati (Or Was it?) is a great start to the holiday sillies.

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Diva Marketing Gets A High Five


Edelman_talking_from_the_inside_outEdelman & Intelliseek jointly published a white paper, Talking From The Inside Out - The Rise of Employee Bloggers, this summer that I just got around to reading. It's a pretty good primer on marketing blogs in-general. Nice vocab guide too <page 18>. Blog buddy, Christopher Hannegan, Employee Thinking, was in on the writing.

Turn a corner and you might bump into some one you yourself! Diva Marketing is included in the Recommended Blogs For Communicators. Page 17 to be exact. Nice company the Diva's playing with. Very cool to be acknowledged by one of the most prestigious PR firms around Edelman;  & Intelliseek, a company that is a pioneer in social media.

The format is PDF but the links are not clickable. For your resource list and just because I love y'all (and I'm procrastinating) here are live links to the Recommended Blogs For Communicators.

Shel Holson
Loic Le Meur
Steve Rubel,
Sybil Stershic
Neville Hobson,
Elizabeth Albrycht
Christoper Ducamp
Jeremy Pepper
Tom Murphy
Peter Blackwell
The Big Blog Company
Employee Thinking
Diva Marketing

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Free Guide to Business Blogging


Peter Fleschner, The Blog Studio, (Peter was the designer who  re skinned Diva Marketing) has written a Guide to Business Blogging.  Nice overview and it's Free! And as may be expected from a designer the layout is beautiful!

Corporate Blogging and Social Media Guidelines


Koolaid_manOkay blogging pundits, take an extra gulp of the Kool-Aid, because not only is blogging becoming an industry, companies are drafting guidelines for employees whose responsibilites includes blogging. Once that happens can the HR department be far behind in their zeal to rewrite job descriptions that include goals and objects?

Let's make sure that when those goals are written company bloggers take an active role in developing them. To help you here a few resouces for corporate blogging guidelines:


Links To Corporate Blogging Guidelines & Suggestions

Update: Corporate Blogging and Social Media Guidelines

Thomas Nelson Publishers
Sun Policy on Public Discourse
Ray Ozzie's Weblog
Business Blog Consulting
PR Opinions
Charlene Li, Forrester
Hill & Knowlton
The New PR Wiki
EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers
Suggestions from David Pollard -Thanks Debbie
Chrysler Group Media Blog
IBM's Social Computing Guidelines - thanks! BL Ochman

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Live World

Intel Social Media Guidelines

Wells Fargo-Wachovia Blog Comment Guidelines

Harvard Law Blogging Guidelines Thanks Daniel Hoang

US Air Force New Media Guidelines

Department of the Navy

Mayo Clinic

Kodak - page 10


Online Data Base of Social Media Policies (data base of 100+ organizations)


The Coca Cola Company - Social Media Principles

Ford Motor Company's Digital Participation Guidelines

Michael Hyatt - Comment Policy

United States Marine Corps 


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