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Do you sometimes long for the simpler days of social media, say 5, 6+ years ago, when the hot issues were should comments should be monitored and how to handle the negative ones? Especially for marketers, the social web grows more complex by the nano second. 

Brand-alphabet  As customers come to expect the opportunity to interact with (hopefully!) the people who are behind brands we find ourselves addressing aspects that impact brand value. Note: Please check out Diva Marketing's post Where Does Transparency Fit In The New Social Media Marketing Model?

How can social media help tell the stories of your brand? 

Can you be a steward of your brand while still maintaining your authenticity? 

How can you integrate social media into the DNA of your brand?

These were the questions that I used to jump start the conversation about branding and social media at SONCON10 last week. Although I created a deck (yeah I know some people hate PPT .. but people learn in different ways and sometimes visuals are helpful.) our time turned into a great discussion that really was peer-to-peer learning. 

As promised to the great people who attended the session, I'm posting the slides. One of my goals was to provide a thought process to help incorporate social media into the DNA of a brand. 

6 Questions To Help Build Your Brand Value Through Social Media 

1. What sets your brand apart from the rest? How is it special and unique to your target marketing?

Our brand is the only ________ that ___________.

2. Especially in the social media world brand values become important in building content direction. 

In 3 words what is the essence of your brand? Or if you want to get social .. describe your brand value in 140 characters. 

3. People use social media networks, platforms, tools different making identifying your audience critical.

Who do you want to talk with or who is your target audience?

4. Determining what you want to accomplish will guide your decision in what you consider to be success. Which in turn will lead to your metrics. 

What are your objectives and goals? How will you know if you succeeded?

5. Determining resource allocation: people, time and money will impact which tools, or tactics, you choose to use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, Video, etc. 

What are tactics will you use? How will these tools reinforce brand value?

6. The more you can integrate social media tactics into initiatives (social media or traditional) the more benefits you'll see. 

Identify current programs where social media can support the brand and build relationships with customers (and other stakeholders).

Many thanks to the terrific people who made SOCON10 so much fun for me. Here are a few ..

Tracey Christensen - momslikeme/Atlanta, Carlos David Abreu - Spanish Connector, Ann Tran - Purchasing Power, Jim McDonald - Old Dog w/ New Tricks, Tony Harris - CNN, Richard Kirby - Executive Impact, Tyra A. Mitchell - Kennesaw State University.



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hey, great post. I think this really speaks to the point that some businesses/people start looking for answers before they know which questions they are asking. You have to know what your questions and objectives before you move ahead with answers and tactics. Thanks for the read and the slides.

Posted by: Eric on Feb 5, 2010 11:52:31 AM

@Eric = It continues to amazing me how many marketing managers and agency/consultants dive into social without a clue to 1. what it can do and not do 2. how it can impact brand values, loyalty and perception and 3. with no idea of what they want to achieve. Maybe they're using social media for cool cocktail talk!

Posted by: Toby on Feb 5, 2010 11:58:38 AM


Nice slides! I would boldly lob in one more question/category: What's your anti? Knowing and naming the line in the sand that you won't cross; calling out that service, product or person that you're often lumped together with, but don't want to be confused with or for... is something that can be powerful to explore. To project clarity outwardly it helps to refine it inwardly. The anti exercise is often where differentiation and context reveal themselves and becomes the compass for your strategy.

Posted by: David Cohen on Feb 8, 2010 12:26:56 AM

It's been a surprise to me that few organizations are incorporating brand value/promise information when they train the people who are on their social media front-lines. Perhaps it's assumed that everyone knows what the brand stands for .. but I'd bet you an appletinii few people outside of marketing have ever thought about it.

Posted by: IFA Marketing on Feb 8, 2010 5:31:43 AM

While constantly changing and evolving at an alarmingly increasing rate of speed, social media has become a highly effective way to stay connected with your customer base. Going back to Marketing 101, you need to know your customer and what they want and then fill that need. Social Networking can make that happen at lightning speed. (Thanks for the presentation slides too.)

Posted by: Awareness Home Funding on Feb 8, 2010 2:37:26 PM

I'm shocked at how many companies enter social media without a clear plan on what they want to accomplish and how. All to often you see companies jump in and then fizzle out after just a short time. This is not just like your personal Facebook or Twitter, it takes much more planning and know how.

Posted by: Jeremy- Text Message Marketing on Feb 10, 2010 4:12:39 PM

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