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Recently I was explaining social media to a friend and I had an ah ha moment. This business feels as specialized as well .. healthcare. Consider ..

Consultants ..

Social Media Consultant - Generalist

Social Media Consultant - Specializing in Verticals e.g,., healthcare, real estate, nonprofit, etc.

Social Media Services Add On - The Agencies: PR, Advertising, Consulting

Social Media Enterprise Structure - Focus on Internal Business Structure; Enterprise 2.0

Social Media Monitoring

Focus on Blogger Relations

Social Media Niche Communities

Social Media Community Managers

The Lawyers

Social Media and Government Regulations

Freelance Content Authors

Add to that companies that are bringing us ..

Social Media Conferences and Workshops

Add to that the ad world ...

Social Media Advertising Networks

Social Media Blog Networks

Focus on Facebook or Twitter advertising

Add to that

Technology end from social media platforms, widgets, apps and well .. just take a look at the Conversation Prizm by Brian Solis and JESS3 ..

Conversation prism

 This industry grows more complex by the nano second.

Note: 451 Marketing created a list of over 50 Top Social Media Strategists To Watch in 2010. Be sure to check comments for more talented people. I'm included .. and although a list is a list is a list .. still it's nice to be acknowledged.


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Hi Toby,

I recently met someone who specializes in creating Facebook fan pages (and wanted to do a workshop on Twitter--go figure).

The more someone has to narrow down their social media niche, the more they're telling me they're just a tactician who's around to execute in a little box.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Posted by: Daria Steigman on Nov 25, 2009 9:28:06 AM

@daria Loved your Facebook - Twitter example .. reinforces the tactical ..where most people seem to live.

Even if you do specialize in one area I think to be of value to a client you have to understand the entire landscape and how your piece fits into the pie; as well as how your offerings support the strategic direction.

Posted by: Toby on Nov 25, 2009 3:31:29 PM

Hey thanks a lot for these important details on social media.

Posted by: e-commerce solutions on Nov 30, 2009 2:18:32 AM

Didn't think that social media personnel could be categorized in that way...very useful insight and MUST READ for PR practitioners who are willing to use social media for doing SMM for their clients...

Posted by: NanditaKhan on Mar 12, 2010 6:34:01 AM

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