Halloween Fun With Augumented Reality


Augmented Reality. Even the name sounds scary and a bit creepy. Seems it's the latest shiny object to hit the social media world.

From a non tech perspective, augmented reality adds a 3-D touch to websites, blogs and mobile. David Berkowitz says, "Augmented reality provides a layer of digital content over real-world experiences." Marshall Kilpatrick says that Yelp was the first iPhone app to add augmented reality. John Mayer, singer-songwriter says it's a "digital hologram" and he's incorporated the technology into his video for Heart Break Warfare.

 Meijer, a retail store that opened its doors in 1934 in the Greenville, MI is certainly keeping up with the times. Meijer Their step into augmented reality is a quirky and fun Halloween experience. With your computer and a webcam you can be transformed into a scary Halloween mask that complete with sound effects. The sort of social aspects comes into play with the ability to send to your pals in Facebook, eMail or a tweet where they can comment on how cool or dorky you might appear.

Meijer is a client of BBF BL Ochman who offered to send a free webcam (via Meijer) to the first 12 people who raise their virtual hand and drop a comment that you want one. That's BL in the photo ..wonder what Benny Bix thought of the gorrila noises.

From an interactive marketing perspective it seems like a fun campaign but I'm wondering where the integration is from the website to the Halloween page and from the Halloween page to the website.  Can't seem to find the link.


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I'm in the interactive media industry so it's always good to see what other companies are doing.

I thought this was okay; just okay. You're right about the integration. There's a link from the Halloween interactive back to the site but when you're on the site there's no link. I looked for a link to the interactive experience and I couldn't find one anywhere which is a huge issue.

Posted by: Natalie MacNeil on Oct 19, 2009 11:33:42 PM

@natalie -

Isn't funny how many companies never "bring back" their micro site campaigns to their website? It's a huge disconnect .. almost as though they don't want to acknowledge it.

I think I've told you this before but I Love the name of your community! - She Takes On The World

Posted by: Toby on Oct 19, 2009 11:57:38 PM

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