Friday Fun: Digital Photo Memories


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

As we wrap up Friday Fun for 2007 seems appropriate to chat about memories.Photo_album Here are 1 - 2 - 3 digital memory-photo ideas for you to take into 2008.

1. How organized are you when it comes to your photos? Do your digital photo files remind you of that system that is a favorite of many .. an old show box? Photos_shoe_boxHow do you find that smashing photo of you in your pink silk jacket that you saved in a special file with a name or you just new you would remember but now forget? Guess it's the old hunt and search method now.

Girlfriend, have I got a thing for you - Photology. A few smart scientists and engineers got together, using artificial intelligence and data processing, they created a ultra easy, cool way to find photos on your computer. No tagging. No playing hide and seek. You use simple filters like face, sky, color, location to search your digital photos. Photology can search through 10,000 photos in less than a second to find 3,000 photos with plants, or 1,000 with beaches, or 56 with just the right shade of purple.

It's not free but there is a free trial and there is a sale through Dec 31. Enoetic (the company) plans to  give back part of every sale to charity. If you know of an established, reputable charity that wants to build a partnership relationship give Enoetic a shout out please.

2.  Although we love our friends at the "Big F" there are many, Many, MaNy more options. A Google search for photo sharing pulled up 105,000,000 hits for photo sharing. Let me introduce you to an online photo service that is aSmugmug_team family affair - SmugMug. The MacAskill family's success is a great entrepreneurial success. Cousins, siblings and now friends have built a thriving business. Revenues doubled every year since SmugMug's launch in 2002. In 2007 revenues reached $12 million. Not only that but they sure seem like they're having fun! Read more in the LA Times article.

3. Your photos are organized and even to your critical eye you think they're pretty darn good. While you're waiting for Sony or Canon or Pentax or Konica Minolta to tap you for a blogger relations program perhaps you can earn a few $$ for your efforts. Phototrade is a new photo sharing site that pays users each time a photograph is viewed. This site, still in beta, combines the best of photo sharing, stock photography, and photo sales plus the ability for users to earn ad revenue.

Phototrade also gives back to the community .. and in this case the social media/blogging community. A donation was made to the Frozen Pea Fund. A fund that was established for breast cancer research to support Susan Reynolds. Read more in Diva Marketing post - A Pea Green Twitter Miracle of the Heart


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Thanks for sharing Photology! I'm playing around it now, too cool. On that note, their website is FANTASTIC! It's personable, it's artistic, it's informative and above all else it's warmly human. These guys are smart.

Posted by: Jon Burg on Dec 31, 2007 2:45:56 AM


Thanks for mentioning Photrade. As you and I are both well aware, community is key for our online lives, and Photrade is committed to making sure the community is front and center on it's site and behind closed doors!

Photrade Evangelist

Posted by: Erin (QueenofSpain) on Dec 31, 2007 6:58:20 PM

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