Pebbles For Lori


Yesterday I dropped by Cary Miller's blog and read that Lori, his amazingly wonderful wife had died after a brave battle fighting cancer. Loriandcaryinlahainasmall_2 I met Cary and Lori a few years ago in my blog travels and was instantly touched by their courage to chronicle their story and to let us in on the love they shared for each other. My heart aches for Cary and for me too. I lost a friend and my friend is hurting. That's what happens with real relationships .. sometimes your heart breaks when tears flow. 

On Diva Marketing and in my talks about social media I tell marketers that yes, social media can be leveraged to support many marketing strategies from customer service to SEO lifts to product development. However, the power and importance of social media is in its ‘roots’ .. the ability to develop real relationships with people from all over the world. Where those relationships lead is up to you.

For those who are wondering about the blog title Pebbles "Pebbles For Lori" - in the Jewish tradition when you visit a loved one's grave a pebble is placed on the grave as a sign that your loved one is remembered and a reminder that  " .. her/his life continues to have an impact on others" -
Rabbi Andrew Strauss

 I was talking with my friend CK who shared this with me. - “Why do people die? To make life important." I know that Too Sexy For My Hair, Lori's blog, will continue to be an inspiration and a source of comfort and that many pebbles will be left for her.


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My heart goes out to your friend and to you as well. Know you're in my thoughts and prayers.


Posted by: Drew McLellan on Nov 19, 2007 7:26:44 PM

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