Friday Fun: State of Georgia's Official Dirt


Georgiaredclay1 Today's Friday Fun hits close to home. Seems the Georgia General Assembly is reviewing a bill for an official state dirt. Yes, ma'am, the proud state of Georgia may soon add Georgia Red Clay to its list of official state symbols that currently includes fish (Loudmouth Bass), flower (Cherokee Rose), crop (peanut) and prepared food (grits).

House Bill 1443 calls Georgia red clay "an important cultural icon" and ...

WHEREAS, Georgia red clay has been celebrated in verse, song and prose, including Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind, and lamented by generations of struggling Georgia dirt farmers growing their crops and by diligent mothers attempting to keep their children's play clothes clean;

Bobby Franklin, the esteemed State Rep who introduced the bill, seems to think that a Georgia state dirt would be good for our economy. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution picked up this quote - "Some of them might sound silly, but these things do impact tourism."

If the good Congressman is right - that's a scary thought. But from a marketing perspective think of the coool campaigns the state could create...complete with a dirt blog...of course.

Come to Georgia to see our new state of the art Georgia Aquarium and take in a few cultural events. While you're visiting be sure to take a look at the official Georgia State dirt - er- clay.

The disclaimer: Warning! try not to get any on your clothes unless you want to take home an extra sort of stains red. Of course diligent mothers will always attempt to keep their children clean. 

Sidebar: Wonder if the laundry detergent companies have a lobby in Georgia?

Heard it from: Neal Boortz

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