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Wanted: Corporate Bloggers


Dr. Walter Carl's Advanced Organizational Communication, class at Northeastern University, has teamed up with Jon Cass, Backbone Media, to, "..better understand the reasons, conditions and factors it takes to make a successful blog, and in the process help a company determine if they should blog and how they should blog."

Prof Carl told me the students will be conducting the surveys; however, they'll first learn about corporate blogs before they conduct their interviews. Prof Carl and Divo Jon will then do the analysis.

They need a few good corporate bloggers..20 to be exact! Please check either the Advanced Organizational Communication Blog or Backbone Corporate Blog for details on how to participate.

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Blogs Go To School


College_graduation_capIn 2004, the divo of blogs, predicted 2006 would be the year business/marketing blogs became accepted as a mainstream strategy. One sign that Robert might be on target is college profs are not only using blogs for class communications, but are teaching students how to use blogs as...hold on to your boas divas, legit marketing tactics.
Sidebar: If you've read Diva Marketing for long, you know that I believe blogs will be an important piece of a marketing strategy. 

Alex Brown, University of Delaware: Info Tech Applications In Marketing and Robert French Auburn University, Marketing Communications/Public Relations have been innovators in bringing blogs to college curriculum. Recently, Susan Dobscha, Bentley College, included a blog assignment in her Honors Seminar in Marketing.

This is the 4th (I think..Alex correct me if I'm off) class that Prof Brown has conducted where blogs were the heart of the course. Heart is a good word for the way Alex structures his classes. He uses the blog to not only communicate about the class but to post assignments, resources and of course, student blogs. Students are required to read blogs in a news aggregator, build their own blog,  and in true blog fashion, comment on classmates' blogs.Curious about the "required blog list?"

Diva Marketing (Blog)
Inside AdWords
John Battelle's Search Blog**
Modern Marketing
Naked Conversations**
Tim Berners Lee's Blog
** Class Text Books ... got ta love it! No boring academic books for Prof Alex's class. He's using Naked Conversations and John Battelle's Search Book.

By the way, Info Tech Applications In Marketing has a pretty good resource link list. Need a refresher on the impact of internet technologies on marketing strategies? The class notes are alone are worth a visit.   

Prof Dobscha's students are required to analyze marketing blog posts. Although a bit unnerving, I'm  honored that Diva Marketing is among the blogs that the students chose to follow. Thanks Caitlin and KarinaKarina3!Other blogs include:

Emergence Marketing
The Brand Builder 
Duct Tape Marketing
Creating Passionate Users
Decent Marketing
Wonder Branding

Their critiques offer an interesting, objective perspective. For the most part, they're looking for bloggers to provide more details and examples. Taking my cue from the students of Honors Seminar in Marketing, I'd like to know  how and why they chose their blogs.

Let's toss the caps high and twirl a tassle or two to the profs who are teaching the next generation of marketers about consumer generated marketing.

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I've Been Tagged


Not sure if Josh Hallett, hyku thinks I'm cool or if he's getting back at me for the drive in rush hour traffic to the Orlando airport before and after WOMBAT. But since it was Josh who tagged me, I'll play along.

4 Jobs I've Had
Cashier at a swimming pool
Market research interviewer
Newspaper hawker - The Phoenix (corner of Arlington & Boylston Streets)
Teaching artist

4 Movies I Can Watch Over & Over
Sleepless In Seattle
North By Northwest

4 TV Shows I Love To Watch
Sex and the City
Desperate Housewives
Inside the Actor's Studio

4 Places I've Been On Vacation
Hydra, Greece
Nantasket Beach

4 Favorite Dishes
Ice cream..homemade vanilla with chocolate chunks...a little hot fudge couldn't hurt either
Cheesecake - the really dense creamy kind
Fried clams - best if eaten at the beach

4 Websites I Visit Daily


4 Places I'd Rather Be
On the beach
New York, New York
Sailing the Greek Isles

4 Bloggers I'm Tagging
Tris Hussey
Elisa Camahort
Leslie Jump

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Happy Blog-birthday Sybil


Birthday_cupcake_2 Happy first blog-birthday to Sybil Sterschic, Quality Service Marketing! Sybil is a graduate of AMA's Hot Topic blog workshop.

Quality Service Marketing's focus is on employee-customer care...from the perspective of internal marketing. That means how to take care of the people who most impact your marketing & organizational success. Important information that is/should be a critical part of a customer delight strategy. A great read...a blog with real value-add content.

Delicious Customer Delight


Every once in a while you round a corner and are surprised by nice people and friendly service. [Sidebar: I just re read that sentence and thought...how sad.]

The Eugene, OR AMA Chapter invited me to speak at their monthly luncheon meeting this week. It was a quick trip in on Tuesday and out on Wednesday. I spent the night at the Eugene Hilton. Toss of a pink boaPink_boa_11 throw to the Bell Captain Eric. When I mentioned how much I enjoyed the hotel's Marionberry jam he sent me home with a jar. Now that is yummy customer delight!

Traveling Blog Talk


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of talking blogs to the savvy marketers of the Eugene OR AMA Chapter. I knew that Eugene, OR was a road less traveled from Hot'lanta when Janis Ross, the program chair and vp convention marketing for Lane County CVB, routed me via Salt Lake City. Thanks for your hospitality and the OR vino and chocolate..what a great combination. By the way the Eugene Airport has Free Wifi!

Atlantans are pretty snobbish when it comes to direct flights.  This one was totally sold out. In fact, Jon Huntsman, Jr. the Governor of Utah, was in the far back cabin with his wife and body guard. Or at least that's what the Delta pilot that I was seating next to told me.  Sidebar: I thought it was a rule that politicians had to fly first class.

The Delta pilot turned out to be a pretty cool guy 'cause we chatted about blogs .. of course..what else would you expect of me ;-)  Anyway, my pilot seatmate quickly got it and we began spinning ideas.

Did you know that it's a marketing tactic for Delta's pilots to stand at the door and wave bye-bye to passengers. Seems Delta's research found customer satisfaction increases 19% when passengers have direct contact with pilots. The pilot and I wondered how many percentage points customer sat would increase from a pilots' blog? Hell, Delta doesn't have a lot to loose. Traditional marketing doesn't seem to be working.  Why not begin a few Conversations from the Cockpit? And while you're walking on wild side Delta, might as well throw in some podcasts and a few vlogs too.

In the corner of the blogosphere, Airplane_divathere is of course, a village for pilots and folks who love aviation...read some pilot blogs and listen to a few podcasts at Thirty Thousand Feet.

[Update: The Pilot sent me a very cool podcast blog - Flying with Joe. Joe tells the stories about what goes on "behind the galley curtain."]

The Tale of Two Blogs


What does a multi billion dollar fast food restaurant and a small manufacturer of potato chips have in common?  Both recently joined the blogosphere. Welcome McDonald's and Potato_chip_with_stylePotatoFinger!

Just for fun, lets take a closer look at two new blogs from the food biz. However, before I take one more wobbly step in those cute Dolce & Gabban pumps (don't I wish!), this is not intended to be a dish the blog post. Let's call it an exploration of a couple of new blogs from the same industry and the influence that corporate culture plays. Interesting to see the differences in blog skin, voice and content.

First impressions count and graphs set the tone as divo designer Peter Flaschner, The Blog Studio, taught me. McD's reflects a serious, corporate attitude. There is no funny Ronald McDonald clown eating a Big Mac. However, blogger Robert Lagert, is senior director for corporate social responsibility for McDonald's. Although a bit bland, Open for Discussion's look and feel "fits" the serious tone that seems to be the direction of the blog.

We want to open our doors to corporate social responsibility (CSR) at McDonald's--to share what we're doing and learn what you think. That's the purpose of this blog.

PotatoFinger, the chip with attitude, blog .. is evolving into a blog with attitude and sass. Blogger, Abigail, the potato chip girl's tone is less formal than Richard's. Her behind the scene posts about trade shows, important corporate meetings and how a great chip is made are fun reads. However, the graphic elements of the blog don't reflect her humor and energy.

And as would be expected, right out of the box McD's blog caught the attention of blog pundits while PotatoFinger's blog is still below the radar. Will be interesting to watch as 2 new bloggers develop their blog legs. Hmm how about some chips with that Big Mac?

Both PotatoFinger's website and Mcd_history_pg1toppar0010imageMcDonald's Corporate Responsibility website include links to their blogs.

Heard it (PotatoFinger's)from: Josh Hallett, hyku
Update: Thanks Kate for the catch on the Dolce & Gabban...hazards of blogging late at night! P.s Girlfriend checkout Kate's ultra cool hand-made bags!

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Blogging On The High Seas


Cruise__1Cold and snowy where you live? Imagine cruising the Caribbean ... blue waters, rum runners with cute little umbrellas, wifi and bloggers. Yes, girlfriend, you read it right - bloggers on the high seas!

The Blogonomics Business Blogging Conference cruise sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale to Cozumel October 5 -9. Ta Dah...it's official! Tris Hussey even added the banner to Diva...I'm on-board as one of the conversation leaders.

So what's the deal about the conference really? Sure there will be pool side fun-in-the-sun but also lots of opportunities to talk about blogs and this emerging industry. I like the way Tris explained it to Christina Jones. "The philosophy of the cruise is that we're all there to learn from each other ... so that when we get home we all have new stuff to try."

Conference Topics Include
Choosing and Developing Content
Blog Metrics
Return on Investment (ROI)
Blog Marketing
Using a Blog for a Single Marketing Campaign
Business Application
RSS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Monetization
A Study in Real Life Business Success
Six Figure Blogging

Sidebar: Hmmm...Nickie Ferrante met Terry McKay on a cruise. Anything can happen on a cruise and this may indeed be the Cruise To Remember! However, like Las Vegas, I assume the same rule applies..what happens on the cruise stays on the cruise. If you're going let me know and let's meet for a drink poolside!

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Special Valentine's Day Treats


Goe_love_192x150Alright, I admit it...I'm a romantic at heart. And I love giving (and getting) presents. Today's Friday Fun is about creating a magical Valentine's Day for you and your special somebody.

A few years ago my nephew Scott visited me during his February vacation. He arrived on Valentine's Day and walked off the plane with the largest box of chocolates I've ever seen. Scott was only 14 but he got it. Divos, a word to the wise...the day of roses, chocolates and bling is days away...and counting down.

Altho I can't give you a heart box of candy, thanks to two wonderful clients, GourmetStation and Maggie Macnab, I do have some special Valentine's Day treats!

Dinner reservations on VD may be  difficult to make; even if you can get into the cool new place, in an over crowded restaurant, that anticipated romantic night may be impossible. How about a gourmet meal in the privacy of your home? Light a few candles, put on some romantic music, open a nice Cabernet and take all the time you need in between courses <wink>.

Can't cook? Never fear... I've got it covered for you! 
GourmetStation is offering  Diva Marketing readers $10 off any product.

My recommendation is the Valentine Romance Dinner complete with floating heart-shaped candle, Valentine poem and card. This special treat is available from today February 3rd through Valentine's Day February 14th. Use the code divava106.

If you're romanced challenged Delicious Destination's (GourmetStation's blog) is running a series of romantic tips through Valentine's Day.  

Visual elements can evoke as much emotion as words or food. Graphic designer, Maggie Macnab specializes in symbol and identify design. Maggie's created unique graphics for Valentine's Day dedicated to our favorite human endeavor: Love & Lust

And as Maggie says "For those of you who may be just slightly jaded on the whole relationship thing, there's also something for you entitled: My Pet is my Valentine.Puppylove_2_1 How frequently can we relate to the times when the four-footeds won out over the two-footeds?"
Sidebar: Note to self...must remember to get Max special VD doggy treats.

Maggie welcomes you to use her designs in creating your own Valentines. Right click on the image and highlight Save As as a gif or jpg.

Graphics complements of Maggie Macnab, SymbolMaker

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