There are so many smart people in the blogosphere and this morning I had the pleasure of having breakfast at the OK Cafe in Buckhead (yes, Divas Buckhead is a real place - located in Atlanta) with Marc Babej, Being Reasonable.
Sidebar: Marc has the coolest metal biz cards. 

I "met" Marc when he commented on a post that I wrote about innovation which he found by playing follow the link from a link on Fortune's Business Innovation blog. Marc has posted highlights of many of the sessions from Fortune's Innovation conference.

Sound Bytes
On Branding - Tim Bennett, Harpo - "We don't use the word brand at Harp. Ours, really is Oprah. We have a brand we can talk to and it talks back."
On Innovation - Horst Schultze, The West Paces Hotel Group - "I have to innovate around what people want, not what I'm hoping people might want."
On Innovation & Change - Fredrick Smith, Fedex - "If you're in an organization whose leadership will not embrace change, the organization over time will not succeed. If you are an employee and see that situation, then jump off the train."

My dear friend Yvonne DiVita, Lip-Sticking, also covered the Innovation Conference. Yvonne was granted a press pass to blog the event. Her posts provide a peek into what it was like to be an attendee at this high-powered conference from "..noting the women in their high heels (we did not wear high heels this time), and the men in their business suits" to noting that a few of the speakers could use a bit of Toastmaster training. Her reporting is a front row seat!

Sound Bytes
On Creativity - Sir Ken Robinson (this is one smart! divo), Professor Emeritus Warwick University and J.Paul Getty Trust  - "Creativity is as important to this century as literacy and numeracy were to earlier ones. We are headed for a revolution- pushe by technology (the Internet) and the aging of Western Society."
On Creativity - Brenda Way, ODC Commons - "Creativity begins in the dark; you think if you show up and work hard, the dawn will come.
On Innovation - Linda S. Sanford, Enterprise on Demand IBM - "It's all about innovation that matters, that solves real business problems."

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Toby, thanks for the mention. I'm following Marc's posts, also. I'm fascinated by the different take-aways from the event. Fortune was very smart to invite different levels of bloggers to come and blog. I have new respect for them. But, stay tuned...I have some advice, too.

Posted by: Yvonne DiVita on Dec 7, 2005 9:18:58 AM

Yvonne -

Yes! Reading different perspectives on the same topic is one of the most valuable and enjoyable aspects of blogs.

Looking forward to your next installation about the conference Your advice is always smart...and "what's not to like" about that ;-)

Posted by: Toby on Dec 7, 2005 9:32:23 AM

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