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OddcoupletFriday Fun takes us to classic Hollywood and Broadway. A 2 for 1. One of my favorite movies and plays has to be the Odd Couple. No matter how many remakes there may be, Jack's Oscar and Tony's Felix will always be favorites.

As a tribute to his dear friend Tony Randall, Jack Klugman is blogging and podcasting. The blog is called Tony & Me. Jack's stories are touching, giving us wonderful behind the scene glimpses of Hollywoods stars like Lee J Cobb, Jackie Gleason, Judy Garland and Old Blue Eyes.

However, this is very much a marketing blog. The blog is part of an interactive sales strategy to promote Jack's new book - Tony & Me. Each podcast ends with a pitch to buy the book. It's a little too aggressive for my style, but what the heck Oscar was very much an in-your-face kinda guy!

Heard it from: Micro Persuasion
Sidebar: Steve Rubel's blog Micro Persuasion has lots of interesting tibbits about blogging. How the guy finds them all I have not a clue. Well worth a visit or two.

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Aggressive or not -- the coolest part about Klugman's blogging is that he's from the silver surfer crowd. Not many of them blog. Here's an article on the topic:

My parents who have three kids -- all computer literate for years AND they bought the first family computer in 1980, an Apple ][+ -- aren't power users or even average users. So it's impressive when we see today's silver surfer managing a blog. Ten years from now -- it won't be impressive anymore as that generation should be more accustomed to computers.

Posted by: Meryl Evans on Dec 2, 2005 11:11:53 AM

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