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So ... Stowe Boyd, Corante, told me the way to get Technorati's attention was to include tags. So .... I've been searching and searching on how to actually code this tag thingy. I found The-Easiest-Way to do it posted on Marianne Richmond, Rensonance Partnership Blog. Girlfriend, Pink_boa_4here's a toss of a pink boa with my thanks.

Beth Kantor, has even put together a screencast on how to do it. Very helpful for us non geek people. This cool bookmarklet program was developed by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

A round of appletinis for all complements of one happy Diva!

Sidebar: I must be on some sort of Technorati deep six list because Diva Marketing Blog's posts never seem to show up...tags or no tags! Tris Hussey said to try an obscure word so I've included bookmarkelet as a tag. We'll see...

>By the way, is it okay to tag brand names and blog names and people? For instance should I have included Tris Hussey or Corante?   

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Glad you found that bookmarklet useful. In order for Technorati, or any blog search engine really, to find your blog you have to ping it. I explain, in response to your post here, at http://marshallk.com/how-to-be-found-by-technorati

BTW, funny, I was just looking at your site last week totally unrelated to this. It looks great!

Posted by: Marshall Kirkpatrick on Oct 21, 2005 5:22:03 PM

Glad you found the screencast useful and thanks for the link.

Your blog loks interesting! I'm adding you to my reader.


Posted by: Beth Kanter on Oct 21, 2005 11:50:21 PM

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