This is not your father's tv or your mother's either. is a free web site where you can share videos. Videos are syndicated, yes with RSS feeds.Tv_1950_1 You can link them to your blog or in an email. You  even get your own video blog. Pretty cool stuff.

I heard - or rather saw - this on the Diva Millie's blog, MyMomsBlog. The ultimate divo of vlogs, Steve Garfield, is making sure that his mom stays ahead of the curve. Pretty cool stuff!

Keep thinking...vlog added dimension to you communication plan.


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Comments is an excellent resource for vloggeers. Once caution, however, their servers can be slow. I prefer to host my vlogs on my servers, however I do add them to blip tv as well for additional exposure.

A couple of additional excellent resources for new vloggers are freevlog and vlogmap.

Monique Danielle

Posted by: MoinqueDanielle on Apr 8, 2006 5:54:15 PM

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