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Want to be a Blog Master?

Nope, it's not a new SciFi creature from the deep. It's a Full-time Earthlink postion based in Atlanta. Seems like you'll get to do lots of cool stuff. They're looking for a Geek-type person who really understands and participates in the blogosphere.

Tell em you heard it from Diva Marketing and if you get the gig let me know!

Sidebar: Wonder how many other companies will add a blog master position type within the next few months. Is there any doubt that blogs are here to stay?

Thanks to Jeff for the tip!


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Hmmm... Blog *Master*? Like I'm going to apply for a job with such a gender-specific title... what's wrong with Blog *Mistress*? Or even... (drum roll)... Blog *Diva*?

I think we should be told...! Cheers, Koan

Posted by: Koan Bremner on Aug 21, 2005 6:51:15 AM

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