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STG Charity - Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children


A Strengthen The Good Charity

Out of Tragedy Comes Hope is a very appropriate headline found on the Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children’s website. The foundation offers care and education to autistic children and their parents.

The story behind the store: The Foundation was created by Tracy Woodall, who lost her husband, Brent, in the South Tower on September 11th, 2001. Through the foundation’s work Tracy is keeping alive the promise that she and Brent made to each other to raise awareness of Autism and to provide education, training and financial support to families with autistic children.

What is Strengthen The Good? STG is a network of bloggers who have joined together to raise money for micro-charities. One blogger...one dollar at a time...we can make a difference. This is the first cause marketing strategy to leverage the viral influence of blogs.

More information on Brent Woodall Foundation For Exceptional Children and how to contribute at Strengthen The Good Blog

Blog Promotion According To Biz


Kuddos to Biz Stone for the comprehensive how-to article on marketing a blog on Blogger Knowledge. Biz is on staff with Google so some of his tips are specific to Blogger. Here's a list of the more general ideas. Hey Biz...thanks for missing the hot dogs - you've given us some great ideas!

Blog promotion, according to Biz, falls into three basic categories:
1. Settings
2. Techniques
3. Actual marketing tricks

1.Set your blog to ping.
2. Make sure you are publishing every post as its very own web page. That makes your entries way more link-able and more attractive to search engines. Links to your blog means traffic to your blog.
3. Write quality content and do it well.
4. Publish regular updates..the more you blog the more traffic you attract.
5. Think of your audience...visualizing the people who might read your blog.
6. Keep search engines in mind. Use post titles and blog page title tags along with your post page archiving. This will automatically give each of your post pages an intelligent name based on the title of your post. Also, try to be descriptive when you blog. A well crafted post about something very specific can end up very near the top results of a search.
7. Keep your posts and paragraphs short. A longer piece every once in awhile is fine but according to Biz most people want to "pop in, read up, and click on."
8. Put your blog URL in your email signature - simple but often overlooked.
9. Submit your address to blog search sites and directories - Top 55 Dirctory and RSS Sites from Robin Good
10. Participate in meme games. A meme is an idea transmitted from person to person like a virus.
11. Advertise. -  BlogSnob is a network of free, text-based blog advertisers
12. Link to other blogs.
13. Install a blogroll.
14. Be an active commenter. Try to leave comments on the blogs you read every day. This is in the same vein as linking. Leaving a comment on someone's post can make their day.
15. Pitch your posts via email to other bloggers.
16. Print your blog URL on cards, stickers, etc.

I'm adding one more to the list -
17. Write for other blogs like Blogcritcs or metro blogs if links to your blog are included in the deal.

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To Remember



September 11, 2001

Battle For The Heart


Marketers (and creatives) are strange creatures. We love watching commercials and looking at advertising. Good ads that is. This week the "Battle for the Heart" Creative Roadshow came to Atlanta and showed us the Best-of-the-Best in Interactive ads.
About 80 people were entertained and educated as Unicast, Pointroll, MSN, Eyeblaster, ESPN.com, and DoubleClick showed their reels. Joseph Jaffe, the creative force behind the program, promised that our minds and thoughts would be stimulated. He delivered. Battle for the Heart impressed on us the "power and importance" of Good Creative.

Even the promotional strategy was creative: Partnering with local marketing clubs to promote the event.

If you want to see innovative Interactive creative mark these dates/cities in your Blackberry or retro calendar.

Battle For The Heart Schedule
Chicago-September 27
Dallas-October 4
Los Angeles-October 19
San Francisco-October 21
Boston-November 16
New York-November 18

The only thing missing was a speaker wiki (multiple person blog). How cool would that be to extend the interactivity and showcase what creatives can do with this new technology we lovingly call "blogs?"

Friday Fun


Anyone who positions their company as a "playful path to happiness" must be part of Friday Fun. Bernie DeKoven's Deep Fun website is a playful collection of links to wonderful sites from business fun to family fun. Confession time...I must admit the site is so rich that I was tempted not to share it with y'all but simple post links every Friday. But that wouldn't be fun or fair.

Just for fun...here's a taste of what you'll find on Deep Fun.

-Into sports? Have you ever played Junkyard Sports Newspaper Sumo?

-How do you keep a meeting fun? Make it short! The Taxi Meter will show you how much your meeting is costing the company.

-How do you make a boring conference call fun? Play with SodaPlay a virtual tinker toy.

-Need more fun? Subscribe to Funlog and in between your business and news blog feeds you'll find a little daily fun.

Word of caution...enter at you own risk like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Deep_fun
you may not want to find your way out!

Thanks Doc Searls for the fun tip.

Shoulda Been A Blog


Greenfield Online is sponsoring the two-year odyssey of Gabrielle and Michael Sedor as they journey through 320 nationally recognized parks, sites and monuments, as well as 48 state capitols and the top 50 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Mike and Gabrielle hope to raise awareness for childhood cancer research and prevention as well as support for the Four Diamonds Fund, a nonprofit foundation which provides financial support for children and their families who cannot afford cancer treatment.

Would make a great blog! Actually, it's a bit frustrating not to be able to add a comment or two. Sent Greenfield an "e" suggesting they turn the static page into an interactive blog. Wonder if they'll change strategies.

Small Biz: No Customers = No Business


The SBA/Kauffamn Foundation Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century Conference proceedings part 1 and part 2 are online including videos (urls included in proceeding docs). Thought leaders talked about issues and challenges affecting small businesses: innovation, technology, financing, management and work force. Found on: Resource Shelf

What’s missing from the list?
Hint: No Customers = No Company
Answer: Marketing! If you build it they will not come unless you tell them.
I've worked in the small biz space for almost 15-years and it continues to amaze me how frequently symposiums/workshops about small biz neglect the very strategy that is critical to turning "ideas" into "businesses"...marketing.

Our friends at Small Business Trends have done a superb job summarizing the SBA’s Quarterly Indicators report. According to Anita the outlook for small business is on the up-swing. “Looking at these factors, the current economy is a favorable environment for U.S. small businesses to start up, expand and invest in new equipment, services and other purchases." With factors in favor of beginning and growing small businesses, if you are considering the small biz path, I can not urge you strongly enough to develop a marketing plan that will help you develop your dream into a successful, thriving company.

Entrepreneur Checklist
1. Do you have an innovative product or service?
2. Do you have funding?
3. Are you leveraging technology?
4. Do you have smart, dedicated people on staff?

Think you’re ready to open your doors? Think some more.

Entrepreneur Marketing Checklist
1. Have you profiled your customers?
2. Do you understand the competition?
3. Do you understand your product or service? How does it help make your customers’ lives better?
4. How will you position your products/serivces in the marketplace?
4. Are you monitoring the environment including your industry?
6. Do you know how you'll support customers after the sale?
5. The $5 Billion question: Do you have a marketing plan?

nyt_1800_toothpasteSide bar: interesting new small business to watch. Is this a product or a marketing promotion?1 800 BEST DDS is a tooth paste that drives users to call real dentists (vs. call centers) if they have a problem. The strategy is dentists will caputre new patients. “The real beauty of 1 800 BEST DDS toothpaste is the packaging, emblazoned with the toll-free number.” Dr. Baldev Sandhu. Sunday NYT.

Favorite Entrepreneurship Quote: “When I think of work, it's mostly about having control over your destiny, as opposed to being at the mercy of what's out there.” Gary Sinise

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Friday Fun


Divas deserve THE BEST from beach resorts, to convertibles to whiskey tours to private islands . Forbes shows all...and in beautiful photo slide show presentations. Not only is this a fun way to spend a few minutes but the site is a great resource of secondary research for a luxury market strategy.

This is ultra cool. Toggle - The most comprehensive image buggery on the web. For anyone one who loves words and graphics and for those who have ever "ego" googled. Those are all the hints you get. I think I found it on JoHo The Blog.

Movies are a fun way to spend the Labor Day weekend. If you can't get to the cinema, watch the bunnies re-enact favorite classic films like Jaws and Alien. And while you're on the site take a look at Amy's Diary...very cute! From Deborah's Den

Brands Called Bush & Kerry


When you think of President Bush and John Kerry what brands come to mind? No, it's not a trick question or part of a "Live From New York" script.

"Mapping Bush and Kerry to well-known product and corporate brands reveals how each candidate is viewed and suggests brand strategies each can employ to potentially sway the critical undecided voter group," said Landor New York's Managing Director Allen Adamson. The research firm of Penn, Schoen and Berland and the branding company Landor Associates conducted a study that compared the attributes of George Bush and John Kerry to well-known brands.

Don't let what appears an off beat approach fool you, political campaigning is a serious and complex business. Marketing research is a critical strategy in helping candidates understand voters' perceptions.

The Brand Called Bush supporters associated him with the positive attributes of established mainstay brands like Bud Light, IBM and Ford ("reliable", "humble", "heritage", "solid")

The Brand Called Kerry's supporters associated him with the positive attributes of premium brands like Heineken, Apple, and BMW ("high-quality", "high-performance", "hip", "young")

Undecided voters associate more trendy and upscale brands with Kerry and link more common and mainstay brands with Bush.

According to Berland, this means that from a political perspective, "To win undecided voters, Kerry must prove that he has substance, that he's not all flash and marketing. Bush, on the other hand, must focus on emphasizing that his strengths – stability and reliability – are more important than being ultra-modern or progressive."

Thanks to Brand Autopsy

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