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Scout Popcorn is an innovative sales blog. In fact, it's the first blog I've seen that ties commerce with a blog. Nice marketing strategy.

The story is complements of Pheedo: Taylor and Zachary (8 and 9 years old) are cub scouts who are selling popcorn and blogging about their experiences. Their goal is to earn money for things like camping, outings and Pinewood Derby.

Need some sales training...read Zack's 9/24 post on Learning about popcorn selling. Zach's got it down...be professional, courteous, focus on your product and don't take it too seriously.

The Right Ways To Sell Popcorn
1. Dressing up in uniform
2. Being polite
3. Really thinking about selling popcorn

The Wrong Ways To Sell Popcorn
1. Going up to a door not in uniform
2. If they say know saying okay let’s go play something else

Buy some popcorn. The store will be open until October 15. And a little viral marketing buzz would be nice too!


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