Friday Fun


Anyone who positions their company as a "playful path to happiness" must be part of Friday Fun. Bernie DeKoven's Deep Fun website is a playful collection of links to wonderful sites from business fun to family fun. Confession time...I must admit the site is so rich that I was tempted not to share it with y'all but simple post links every Friday. But that wouldn't be fun or fair.

Just for's a taste of what you'll find on Deep Fun.

-Into sports? Have you ever played Junkyard Sports Newspaper Sumo?

-How do you keep a meeting fun? Make it short! The Taxi Meter will show you how much your meeting is costing the company.

-How do you make a boring conference call fun? Play with SodaPlay a virtual tinker toy.

-Need more fun? Subscribe to Funlog and in between your business and news blog feeds you'll find a little daily fun.

Word of caution...enter at you own risk like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Deep_fun
you may not want to find your way out!

Thanks Doc Searls for the fun tip.


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